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Natalia Nikolaevna Vtyurina, PhD

Senior Quality Assurance Officer

Gul Dusi

Gul Dusi is a Director at Linesight, based in Southern California. With over 20 years of experience in the Life Sciences construction industry, she has extensive experience supporting design and construction projects for major clients.

Alf Goebel

Alf is a senior enterprise software sales and marketing executive, with over 25 years‘ enterprise software industry experience. He has strong operational experience, specialising in high growth businesses in Europe and the US.

Christopher John Potter, Ph.D.

CMC Pharmaceutical Consultant
Chris Potter graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in chemistry and completed a PhD at Imperial College London University in organic chemistry...

Steven A Greer

Leadership Coach, GMP Consultant
"This Guide provides a practical tool for organizations that want to assess and strengthen their leadership systems to support their pursuit of Cultural Excellence and ultimately create more value for their patients, shareholders, and employees."

Michael Grischeau

Director of Data Analytics & Management Review
"Most scorecards do not include metrics focused on leadership effectiveness so drift can occur without warning signs and the results can be significant - drug shortages, enforcement actions, recalls, dissatisfied patients/consumers, and disengaged organizations. The APQ MRR Guide builds upon the framework of ICH Q10 with insights from industry leaders on what strong and effective leadership looks like."
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