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About Us

Our Leaders

ISPE Shanghai is led by ISPE Shanghai Leadership.  Ping Zhang is the organization’s Chair for 2024 – 2025.

ISPE is led by an  International Board of Directors. Michael L. Rutherford  is the Society’s Chair for 2022 – 2023.

Mission Statement

ISPE is the global industry leader in connecting pharmaceutical knowledge to deliver manufacturing and supply chain innovation, operational excellence and regulatory insights to enhance industry efforts to develop, manufacture and reliably deliver quality medicines to patients.

Vision Statement

Provide solutions to complex pharmaceutical industry challenges through manufacturing innovation, member and workforce development, technical, regulatory, and compliance collaboration.

Who We Are

ISPE is committed to the advancement of the educational and technical efficiency of its members through forums for the exchange of ideas and practical experience. 

ISPE returns to China for the first time since 2017 as ISPE Shanghai. ISPE was founded in 1980 by a handful of people who believed the pharmaceutical industry needed an organization that would deal with practical applications of science and technology for technical professionals. The much-needed forum provided by ISPE began with a Membership of engineers in North America. In time, ISPE Membership expanded beyond engineering to include a broad representation from pharmaceutical professionals.  

We lead and facilitate the development of next generation process technologies and innovative technical solutions. On matters of regulation, our focus is on those requirements that impact — or will impact — the licensing of facilities, manufacturing processes and operations, and the sustainability of the supply chain over the product lifecycle. ISPE provides a neutral environment where our individual Members and experts belonging to Regulatory Authorities can engage in open dialogue on issues that will ultimately benefit patients around the world. 

Core Values


We accept responsibility for our work and learn from our mistakes
We honor our commitments and will take personal responsibility to help achieve the desired results. We proactively work to overcome obstacles. We learn from our mistakes and use them as an opportunity for improvement.


We work together to achieve our goals
We are a global team united by a common purpose as defined in the strategic plan. We encourage open communication, coordination, and team-based approaches to achieve goals.


We deliver quality work and are open to exploring and trying new things
We deliver quality work through our competence, commitment to continuous learning, and motivation to achieve the Society’s goals. We will be fearless in pursuing new approaches that help us achieve our goals. We embrace change for the opportunities it brings.


We are honest, fair, and ethical
We conduct our business with the highest standards and professionalism. We are transparent, honest, and ethical in all our interactions with one another, our members, and others.


We embrace diversity, provide support, and encourage one another
We recognize that diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds contributes to making us a stronger team. We approach one another with open minds and in a way that promotes positive interactions.

Our Members

All scientific and technical areas of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are represented among the ISPE Membership. Engineers, microbiologists, chemists, QA/QC, production, process development, pharmacists, regulatory and training personnel, academia, suppliers, and other professionals contribute their expertise to the industry through their participation in ISPE activities.

1980-2020 – ISPE Recognizes its Founding Members

40 years ago, a small group of innovative pharmaceutical engineers recognized the need for better manufacturing facility development guidelines and created ISPE. They recruited additional people to launch the organization; some are retired, some, sadly, are no longer with us, and some remain active ISPE Members. You’ve learned about several in Member Spotlights on iSpeak. We recognize and thank each of them for their forethought and inspirational ideas that led to ISPE’s establishment and to what it has become. Our deepest gratitude goes to ISPE’s Founding Members.

Our Staff

ISPE is supported by professional staff and advisers under the leadership of ISPE Shanghai Head of Operations, Cathy CAO. 

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